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Jayson Yeoh’s Solo Exhibition

Posted by ngwoonlam on November 24, 2014

Jayson Yeoh’s Solo Exhibition

1st Solo Watercolor Exhibition of Jayson Yeoh Choon Seng

Exhibition Theme: ‘ACCUMULATION ‘

Details of the exhibition:

  1. Official Opening: Saturday,20th December 2014,1.00pm(Refreshments will be served)
  2. Exhibition Period:20-25th December 2014,Daily 11.00am-8.oopm
  3. After 25th 2014 may visit the gallery by appointment:

Mr Alex Ong:+6 012-6835551/Mr Jayson Yeoh:+6013432-2288

  1. Venue: BATU GALLERY   A702,7 Floor,Cape View Apartment,

Jalan Junid,84000,Muar,Johor,Malaysia.


Accumulate  #72Accumulate #59Accumulate #50Accumulate #61Accumulate #70Accumulate #75Accumulate #52Accumulate #53



Jayson Yeoh Choon Seng, MOWS

Born in 1963 in the Malaysian state of Kedah, Jayson Yeoh is a self-taught watercolor artist. His passion and love for art started at young age. His artistic and self-exploration journey was bittersweet and full of ups and downs. However, his persistency and perseverance brought him to what and who he is currently.

Reminiscing the past, he was once in a dilemma of choosing his own life career – to be an art educator or an artist. After due diligence and consideration, he decided to choose the former due to life’s demands and expectations.

Therefore, YS Art Centre was formally established by him in 1991. Being in the industry for two decades, he had received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Education Bureau of Shanghai , Hangzhou and Beijing, China and many other institutions for his excellence in teaching art.

Although he had been active in the art education industry for many years, his enthusiasm and passion for artistic endeavours were still burning in his heart. In recent years, he gradually eased himself from the hectic schedule of teaching and took time out to paint or do outdoor landscaping and sharpen his skills. Shifting from being an educator to an artist, he still felt that being an artist or painter is still his forte. Besides that, he also enjoys travelling and painting as such activities allow him to understand better the culture and customs of the locals.

His artworks have been selected for numerous exhibitions and competitions in both local and international juried exhibitions. In 1994, he won the Honorable Mention Award in the National Youth Open Watercolour Competition organised by the Malaysia Teo Chew Association. In 2006, his work was selected for the National ‘Enchanting Colourful’ Watercolor Open. His artwork ‘Serenity’ won him the Second Place Founders Award in the 2013 International Watermedia ‘Legacy’ Exhibition in The Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, USA. Among his best achievements include ‘The Wittnauer Watch Award’ -87th Annual Open Juried Exhibition by The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor 2012 and the ‘Award of Distinction’ by the Missouri International Annual Open Juried Exhibition 2013.

In 2014, another of his artworks won the Artist Merit Award at the International Annual Open Exhibition by the Missouri Watercolor Society, USA and he has recently been awarded with the Signature Status by the MOWS.

He is currently a member of the Contemporary Malaysian Watercolorists Association (CMWA) , Singapore Watercolour Society (SWS) and the Penang Watercolour Society (PWCS).

Jayson Yeoh has actively participated in numerous exhibitions all over the world. He was one of invited guest of honor in ‘The 3rd GNWP China , Shanghai Exhibition’ and ‘The World Watermedia Exposition’ ,Thailand 2014.

His works are in the collections of Citi Bank Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Roland Folger (President & CEO of Mercedes- Benz) and Mr.Lim It Leang (The Art Brush Studio-Langkawi).

Despite his list of achievements, he never rests on his laurels and constantly strives to pursue greater heights and achievements in the art of watercolour painting.




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Perception and Delusion 笔飞错舞

Posted by ngwoonlam on August 11, 2014

Perception and Delusion 笔飞错舞
A Collaborative Exhibition by Ng Woon Lam and Don Low Chee Mun
黄运南 与 刘志民
Opening: 05 Sep 2014, 6:30pm
Gallery 2, School of Art Design and Media
81 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637458





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A Vibrant City, Jack Tia Kee Woon, Zhu Hong & Ng Woon Lam

Posted by ngwoonlam on March 15, 2014

A Vibrant City 
A joined exhibition by 3 artists:
Jack Tia Kee Woon, Zhu Hong & Ng Woon Lam
 @ Hakaren Art Gallery
Opening : 22 Mar 2014
Exhibition: 23 Mar to 31 Mar 2014
Address : #02-43, Tanglig Shopping Center
19 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247909
Contact : 6733 3382

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American Watercolor Society, 147th International Juried Show 2014, AWS Bronze Medal of Honor

Posted by ngwoonlam on February 21, 2014

American Watercolor Society
147th International Juried Show 2014, 
AWS Bronze Medal of Honor
By Ng Woon Lam NWS AWS
Singapore Watercolour Society
2014美国水彩画会 147 届大展 铜牌奖
A Sunlit Morning, Companions
25″ X 34″
Watercolor on Paper
(Location, Club Street, Singapore)

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Ng Woon Lam nws aws, Piccadilly Impressions

Posted by ngwoonlam on September 16, 2013

Ng Woon Lam nws aws
Singapore Watercolour Society
Piccadilly Impression I
Watercolor on Paper
25″ X 34″
Piccadilly Impression II
Watercolor on Paper
25″ X 34″
 Ng Woon Lam is represented by

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Ng Woon Lam Watercolors and Oil Paintings 2013, A Tale of 3 Cities 三城记,黄运南 水彩与油画展 2013

Posted by ngwoonlam on July 2, 2013

A Tale of 3 Cities
Ng Woon Lam 3rd Solo Exhibition
黄运南 水彩与油画展 2013
@ Penang State Art Gallery
Address : Ground Floor, Dewan Sri Penang
Penang State Art Gallery
Light Street, Penang, 10200, Malaysia(604) 226 1461
(604) 226

05 Aug 2013 to 18 Aug 2013
Open daily from 9am to 5pm
Close on Public Holidays.
Pls. take note that 08/08 and 09/08 are
Hari Raya Holidays.Museum will be closed.
You may download a copy of my catalog sample pages here:
Opening : 05 Aug 2013
3pm @
Penang State Art Gallery

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论写实 Realistic Art ~~ 黄运南 Ng Woon Lam nws aws

Posted by ngwoonlam on June 8, 2013

One Arbitrary Write-up that will be published in my new art catalog: 论写实 (Realistic Art), a short paragraph here…


My concept in realistic art allows me to understand why the delusive likeness is above shape and color duplication. Observation is a passive process while composition is an active process. Therefore, composition process creates a large impact visually. From selective memory and selective decision in composition, an artist creates visual resonance to viewers. Great sense of reality is imposed to viewers through this delusive process, which is meant by spiritual likeness in Chinese art. For example, I know a durian smells good. When I see an image of a durian, my mind starts to relate it to good smell. Its good smell is directly linked with the texture and color of its fruits. If I am able to depict these two qualities, viewers will delusively translate them to its smell. If an artist just duplicates an observation of a durian, the less important parts are equally represented which in turn will reduce the strength of the former two factors. Hence realism here is a result of an essential summary by an artist to allow visual delusion for ‘likeness’.

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Little India en plein air watercolour painting, Singapore Ng Woon Lam nws aws 新加坡黄运南水彩画

Posted by ngwoonlam on April 23, 2013

Singapore Watercolour Society
Ng Woon Lam nws aws 黄运南水彩画
Buffalo Street, Little India
15″ X 22″
Watercolor on Paper

Ng Woon Lam nws aws is represented by

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Ng Woon Lam nws aws, Belakang Padang en Plein Air Mar 2013

Posted by ngwoonlam on March 19, 2013

Singapore Watercolour Society
Ng Woon Lam NWS AWS
Belakang Padang, Kota Batam, Indonesia
en Plein Air Watercolor Painting, Mar 2013
Ng Woon Lam nws aws is represented by

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Singapore Watercolour Society Artist Ng Woon Lam nws aws 黄运南 新加坡水彩画

Posted by ngwoonlam on February 27, 2013

Ng Woon Lam nws was mfa
Singapore Watercolour
黄运南 新加坡水彩画家
High Key Tonal Structure Demo
en plein air, Blair Road
Low Key Tonal Structure Demo
Chinatown en plein air
Chinatown en plein air
Ng Woon Lam is represented by

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