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Asian Art Review, In Search of Harmony

Posted by ngwoonlam on January 3, 2017

Asian Art News, Issue 26, Nov 2016, Review (pp37 – pp38)

Street Impression, Penang 2016
Watercolor on Paper
28cm X 38cm
In Search of Harmony 
Ng Woon Lam, NWS, AWSDF5th Solo Exhibition 
Opening: 5th Jan 2017 
On view until 13th Jan 2017 
Ng Woon Lam will showcase his latest exploration of watercolor artworks as his 5th Solo Exhibition at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University (BSRU), Bangkok, Thailand. The show is a collaborated effort by the artist and Professors at Animation 
& Multimedia DepartmentBSRU. 
Woon Lam’s show is also reviewed by two world class watercolor artists, Mr. Robert A. Wade, OAM AWS AWI FRSA FVAS and Mr. Ratindra Das, NWS AWS-DF 
“…look at the exciting, vibrant works of Woon Lam Ng. They are all individual approaches to his subjects and the figments of his very own imagination and vision. His style is so individual and so exciting, it can never be mistaken for the work of any other artist!  
His great success in the World of Watercolor is due to his personal approach and his painterly conceptions of color and design. If YOU are a fortunate owner of one of his works, just rest assured that you will never grow tired of it, Every time you look into that painting you will discover something new that previously you have not perceived. The other quality that shines out from his work is EXCITEMENT. The joy he has had in creating the paintings as personal statements, is immediately evident to every viewer.” – Robert A. Wade, OAM, AWS, AWI, FRSA, FVAS 
Woon Lam’s work is characterized by energized and recognizable brushwork. Space in his paintings is created without the vagaries of traditional perspective with convergent lines. It is increasingly getting rare to see work where an artist can be identified by wonderful, unique brushwork. Viewers will be entertained by this important element of design. The great American painter and teacher Robert Henri said, “ The stroke is just like the artist at the time he makes it. All the uncertainties, all the bigness of his spirit and all the littlenesses are in it.” I find the vigor and strength in his brushwork.  His travel paintings are more than “travelogues”, common among many watercolorists of our times. He has created the essence of a place, which he generously shares with the viewers. 
The debate about transparent and use of opaque medium will go on.  A small section of artists will vehemently oppose the use of gouache, casein and similar materials. Woon Lam has added a new dimension to watercolor painting with gouache. With his experience of painting in oil he has brought to us the best of both worlds. A few paintings show a translucency- a difficult effect to obtain with traditional layering method practiced by early English watercolorists. The “transparency” is indeed a myth. When a heavy-bodied paint is applied on paper, it loses the transparency since light is not reflected off the paper. However, when this opaque passage is applied next to a transparent layer of middle value, the middle value colors are enhanced. This enhancement of colors and luminosity is evident in many of this series of paintings.” – Ratindra Das, NWS AWS-DF 
About the artist 
Ng Woon Lam NWS AWS-DF is a dolphin fellow of the prestigious American Watercolor Society (AWS) and full signature member of National Watercolor Society (NWS). His current appointment is Assistant Professor at School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His artworks are regular international award winners. His most significant awards are 2 times AWS Bronze Medal of Honor from American Watercolor Society 142nd and 147th Annual International Juried Show 2009 and 2014 respectively. 
His artworks are represented by Li Fine Art Gallery, Singapore. Art enthusiasts are invited to the preview of his artworks. Contact details here: 
For inquiries and more information, please contact, please contact Li Fine Art Gallery through E-mail: or TEL +65-8163-6853 or through this website: 

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