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论写实 Realistic Art ~~ 黄运南 Ng Woon Lam nws aws

Posted by ngwoonlam on June 8, 2013

One Arbitrary Write-up that will be published in my new art catalog: 论写实 (Realistic Art), a short paragraph here…


My concept in realistic art allows me to understand why the delusive likeness is above shape and color duplication. Observation is a passive process while composition is an active process. Therefore, composition process creates a large impact visually. From selective memory and selective decision in composition, an artist creates visual resonance to viewers. Great sense of reality is imposed to viewers through this delusive process, which is meant by spiritual likeness in Chinese art. For example, I know a durian smells good. When I see an image of a durian, my mind starts to relate it to good smell. Its good smell is directly linked with the texture and color of its fruits. If I am able to depict these two qualities, viewers will delusively translate them to its smell. If an artist just duplicates an observation of a durian, the less important parts are equally represented which in turn will reduce the strength of the former two factors. Hence realism here is a result of an essential summary by an artist to allow visual delusion for ‘likeness’.


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