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Archive for December, 2007

Cao Jing Ping Exhibition

Posted by ngwoonlam on December 15, 2007

SKIN DEEP – Cao Jingping Solo Exhibition
1 Dec 2007 – 16 Dec 2007


Linda Gallery Singapore, 15 Dempsey Rd #01-03

 11am to 7pm daily.

In his first solo exhibition in Singapore, Cao Jingping will feature 15 of his recent works. Most of Cao Jingping’s paintings consist of three elements, namely the butterflies as a reference to the cycle of life and metamorphosis, the water as a basis of all life and the understated rusty chain as the destructive force of life.

Cao Jingping’s vibrant colours, composition and fine technique give the impression the butterflies ready to take off from the canvas at any given moment. The scale of the insects is amplified so that what was once overlooked is now impossible to ignore. Certain patches of colour on the butterfly wings are crisp and clear, whereas others are blurry like memories. Though it looks formally beautiful, with its thick brushwork and subtle mastery of colour, the underlying themes are that of helplessness and loss.


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Memories by The Lake Art Exhibition IIV 湖畔美展

Posted by ngwoonlam on December 7, 2007

Memories by The Lake Art Exhibition IIV 湖畔美展

by Singapore Art Society & Committee of the “Memories by The Lake Art Exhibition”

Venue : Ngee Cultural Centre, 97 Tank Road, Singpaore

Date : 15th to 18th Dec 2007

Time : 11am to 5:00pm, (18th Dec 11am to 5:00pm)

Opening : 15th Dec 2007, 3:30pm by Mr. Chua Hun Cheong, Former Principal of Chung Cheng High School.



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