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Sarawak Cultural Arts & Craft Festival 2007

Posted by mchew on November 1, 2007

An International Art show entitled Sarawak Cultural Arts & Craft Festival 2007, in conjunction with the 3rd BIMP-EAGA Travel Exchange 2007 is currently held from 20th October to 4th November 2007 at the Old Court House in Kuching, Sarawak.


Participating artists are Anne Lim Geok Kuan (Singapore), Chai Fook Vui (Sarawak), Chai Shuk Lam (Sarawak), Chan Chang How (Singapore), David Chew (Sarawak), Derek A. Fitz Simons (Ireland), Georges Schneider (France), Gerald Goh (Sarawak), Hamidon Ahmed (Perak), Hj Mohd Hj Siraj (N. Sembilan), Iwona Sawicka (Poland), Jerzy Korput (Poland), Kadrie Bin Bogol (Sarawak), Khin Zaw Latt (Myanmar), Lam Siong Onn (Sarawak), Magdelene Tai (Sarawak), Marvin Chew (Singapore), Melton Ak Kais (Sarawak), Michael Poh Bee Kwang (Sarawak), Mohd Bin Hj Abu Hassan (N. Sembilan), Mohd Sanip Lasman (Johor), Mohd Shaimy Bin Hashim (Pahang), Mynt Aung (Myanmar), Narong Daun (Sarawak), Pang Teng Khoon (Singapore), Petrus Alfred (Sarawak), Ramsay Ong (Sarawak), Seah Kang Chui (Singapore), Sim Chiap Hin (Sarawak), Soe Soe Laputta (Myanmar), Sylvester Jussem (Sarawak), Thein Soe (Myanmar), William Taylor (United Kingdom)



2 Responses to “Sarawak Cultural Arts & Craft Festival 2007”

  1. ngwoonlam said

    Nice event. Conglat and Great Success Marvin!!!

  2. lokintosh said

    All the best Marvin!

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